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IRONIC3D’s purpose is to build tech products for non-tech people while leading the way to a better working relationship between app developers and business owners, based on support, collaboration and success for both.


At IRONIC3D we understand it’s not just an app you're building.  It’s your business. We get that app developers are usually caught up with the details of developing an app. Things such as features, technical documentation, or Agile vs Waterfall... you name it. But it’s so much more than that.

The mountain of marketing you'll need to climb, the number of sales rejections you'll have to stomach, and the operational nightmare that you’ll have to systematise to run your business. We get all that.

Most importantly, we get what it feels like to invest in building an app for the first time. We get how you must face the constant fear of failure. We know what it means to be overwhelmed and not find the right answers. We get what it's really like to be in a cycle of self-doubt.

We can’t promise the allure of funding or raising capital. Instead, we help you build a business where great tech is just the beginning.

Iyad Horani
IRONIC3D, Founder

Iyad Horani


Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Many Australians spends huge sums of money to build a digital product – and yet they fail. Can we do better? Can we have more success stories and fewer sad ones? We started IRONIC3D to offer that other possibility.

IRONIC3D wants to be an alternative to stories like these:

"they charged me $20,000 for the site and now every time I update an image or text, I need to pay"
"I said I wanted a prototype for my app; they said they’re willing to do it for $90,000"
"I just need to fix this bug fixed and my co-founder left without notice. These offshore devs are telling me I need a complete rewrite for the app to fix it"
"If I’m going to pay that much I’d rather learn to code myself"
"They said I didn’t ask for an admin interface so they didn’t build one! I’ve never built a site in my life, aren’t they the experts?"
"We’re paying $2000 per month for that sales tool, paid upfront for a year, but nobody in the team uses it"
"We paid $60,000 to build it and another $100,000 to fix it. We should have gone with an online tool"
"The developer who built it used technology X and left, and we can’t seem to find anyone else in the market who knows that technology"
"I’ve built it with a company in Melbourne, can't seem to communicate properly with their offshore team. Since I can’t afford a local dev team I stopped the project"

These are stories I became all too familiar with. Let me tell you how.

I first attended Create-a-thon in 2015. Create-a-thon is a two-and-a-half  day ‘hackathon’ for non-tech women entrepreneurs who want to build a mobile app. My wife dragged me into it by the ear, while I wailed all the way through. 

‘You’re such a drama queen!’, she said, and she was right. 

The organisers wanted me to be the mentor for the event. In the next two days, I would come to admire the courage of the participants and see how the little I shared with them helped them create their dreams and in some cases, turn them into reality


Clients We Have Worked With


We engaged IRONIC3D to help with our business reporting automation initiative. We have a cloud based business intelligence suite with extensive built in ETL functions, however in practice only about half of our data sources could be connected with their "out of the box connectors", with the remainder requiring a bespoke solution to handle data ingest.

IRONIC3D were able to quickly produce a dedicated bespoke ETL solution for us to allow multiple data sources to be ingested via REST APIs and various CSV file imports into an SQL database, for connection via standard ODBC connection to our BI solution.

The solution has proven to be very robust and reliable, and working with IRONIC3D has been very easy, they understand our requirements and turn them around quickly and efficiently, using the latest Agile methodologies and tools.


Michael Keaney
Group Technology Manager


To be frank, I was out of touch with this whole entrepreneurial thing and I never thought of it as a movement. I was in a successful start-up. as I didn’t struggle to get through the door and I took my skills and knowledge for granted. I never saw the need to join groups or meet like-minded people!

Over the next year-and-a-half, I became all too familiar with tales of working with tech people after the honeymoon phase, or the trail of dead bodies left after the project is delivered and the relationship ends. How the actions of few are making the rest of the tech people be labelled as liars, money grabbing, opportunistic and stubborn companies who don’t give a damn about their clients.

I knew we could do better, because we’ll 

  • pitch in with our expertise on best practices
  • work with on product rollout decisions and technologies to use
  • understand that tech is not the solution to your business, it’s just a piece
  • tell it to you straight if you need a complete rewrite or simply a patch
  • be honest with you if you need to build a web app or simple subscribe to a cloud service
  • guide the project development by customer needs rather than what’s good for us 
  • find out ways to cut down running expenses for your app
  • leave you in a better place than when we started
  • not offer you ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife

At IRONIC3D, we believe that working with a tech team should be an easy and pleasant experience. It should leave you motivated and looking forward to that next step with more confidence.

We also believe that everyone has the right to a fair go.

Almost 95% of start-ups fail. This means that roughly one out of every 20 start-ups is a success. To help address this, we’ve created the Sydney Entrepreneurship meetup to give all entrepreneurs access to free advice and actionable knowledge, with no intention to sell you anything.