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SnakkMedia operates in the digital advertising and media sector. Their core business is to offer in-app and mobile web advertising solutions to audiences based on precision geo-location and device behavioural usage data. SnakkMedia support this with specialist mobile creative and data-led consumer insights.


SnakkMedia runs close to 200+ mobile ad campaigns per day, each ad campaign is divided into several target audience (called a line item) and each line item is trafficked across different ad servers.

An ad campaign has a set start date and an end date, however each line item within the ad campaign have it's own start date and end date. Collecting the reports for every ad campaign on a daily basis requires a considerable amount of time and talent resource. By the time the reports are being reported there would not be enough time in the day to work on ad performance optimisation or strategic trafficking.

The Sales division of the business doesn't have any visibility on the campaign performance and status once the ad campaign is booked and trafficked by the ad operations team. Any status update request would go into the queue of campaign reports which might not be delivered on the same day as the request has been made.

End of month invoicing for completed or trafficked ad campaigns in any given month is usually a 2+ months exercise to collect, validate and issue the invoices, this process involves the ad operations team and the finance team to work together in getting the right information for each ad campaign.

SnakkMedia required a solution that would:

  • Reduce and illuminate time that is wasted on collecting and generating reports
  • Provide on demand visibility for the sales team on their campaign performance
  • Automate client reporting
  • Facilitate easier and an on-demand invoicing and billing for the finance team.



    • Developed an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) service layer that collects data from the ad servers
    • Developed a web interface to track, trouble shoot and manually control the ad servers jobs for the admin
    • Developed a pacing algorithm which breaks a line item objective into the required amount on a day by day basis
    • Implemented a process of linking sales operations insertion orders, ad operations campaign submission form and the order within each ad server
    • Design and implement a Business Intelligence solution that will deliver insights to the business and act as the window to monitor, asses and action for all business divisions.


    • An ETL layers that automatically pulls data from 44+ ad server whilst allowing for manual control and upload of not requent ad servers
    • Auto generated reports for different time periods as required by each campaign/client
    • Daily alerts of over delivery and under delivery of each line item
    • All business divisions have access to the same data and the management team have a 360 of all divisions activities and statuses
    • On demand invoicing that can generate an accurate invoice based on delivered media whilst also taking into account previous invoices and payable of the same account.


    We engaged IRONIC3D to help with our business reporting automation initiative. We have a cloud based business intelligence suite with extensive built in ETL functions, however in practice only about half of our data sources could be connected with their "out of the box connectors", with the remainder requiring a bespoke solution to handle data ingest.
    IRONIC3D were able to quickly produce a dedicated bespoke ETL solution for us to allow multiple data sources to be ingested via REST APIs and various CSV file imports into an SQL database, for connection via standard ODBC connection to our BI solution.
    The solution has proven to be very robust and reliable, and working with IRONIC3D has been very easy, they understand our requirements and turn them around quickly and efficiently, using the latest Agile methodologies and tools.

    Michael Keaney
    Group Technology Manager


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