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Briometrix builds Navigational and Tracker Apps specifically designed to track wheelchair fitness activities and workouts. Using innovative technology Briometrix can make sense of all the movements required to drive a wheelchair through the different environments you encounter every day. Briometrix technology understands the importance of effective propulsion, the influence of gradients, kerbs and effort rate. Speed and distance are tracked alongside acceleration, push length and wheelies.


Briometrix wanted to bring their strokes algorithm into the mobile app space to allow for easier adaptation and allows for real-time propulsion using a mobile device only.

Briometrix also wanted to integrate the stroke algorithm into a navigability solution that will layer the movement of a wheelchair user with the effort collected from the stroke algorithm to allow for better desired path navigation for individual users as well as provide city planners with insights on accessible spaces and up to date accessible pathways.



    • Translated offline math-lab algorithm into a mobile version
    • Developed and built an app that tracks user movements, captures dwell time and aggregates movement pathways


    • A simplified stroke algorithm that is mobile tailored to be energy efficient and allow for the mobile phone to be placed in any position
    • A tracking app that captures users movements and provide detailed analysis of location, period, and dwell time
    • A mapping system with layered accessibility locations that is used to very effectiveness and usage



    Best Start-Up Award - BigInsights Data Innovation Awards

    "Professional, insightful and constantly able to stand back and see the strategic needs of a business. IRONIC3D ensures they deliver what is best for your business challenges, new solutions and thinking for the best outcome."

    Natalie Verdon
    Briometrix, Co-Founder


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