The Yoga Institute

Category: Website Design - Business Systemisation - Marketing Automation

For people with a passion for yoga, The Yoga Institute offers inspiration, education and support in applying the ancient wisdom of yoga to modern lives.


The Yoga Institute asked IRONIC3D to help them in:

  • Systmising all business operation (CRM, Ticketing, Payment and Marketing) into a single unified platform
  • Redesign the business websites into a modern and mobile friendly design with an ease of use back-end that resembles Squarespace
  • Provide live metrics for all business activities
  • Develop user journeys for customers in the marketing and sales stages
  • Provide business unit with complete insight on the business performance
  • Simply Payment gateways and offer alternate subscription functionalities



    • Consolidate all business operational platform into a single main solution
    • Implement a growth-driven design website to keeps existing website and SEO traffic intact during the migration process
    • Implement a marketing automation solution with integrated payment gateways
    • Build user journeys from website visit, to lead capture, product purchase and after sales service
    • Implement a performance based BI solution that will provide marketing and sales team with required KPI's and provide alerts and goal based on achievements


    • Website migration to a user friendly CMS layer and mobile optimised solution in a 6 days.
    • Implementing a performance Business Intelligence solution to drive team efficiencies that focuses the team on the main business KPIs.
    • Reversing a 60% decline in online sales and equip the team with the means for continuous autonomous growth
    • Designing a customer life cycle tracking solution to measure ROI
    • Building automation processes to systemize the business operations with predictable results
    • Migrating and integrating the CRM, Sales, mailing, ticketing and marketing into a single platform


    "I started a Yoga business that is dedicated to connecting high quality Yoga teachers with students looking for tailored, one-on-one sessions. We needed the business to be scalable with a lot of functionality, including calendars, accounting and fortnightly payment, amongst many other things. The challenge was keep it looking high quality and stay within out budget. It was a bit of a minefield navigating all of the working cogs and IRONIC3D made the process so much manageable by breaking things down into bite sized pieces, using language I understood and everything visible"

    Natalie Bowcutt


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