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How to attract the best clients, and more of them

  • Fishburners - Idea Event Space 608 Harris Street Ultimo, NSW, 2007 Australia (map)

When starting a new business, for most entrepreneurs, the temptation is to get as many clients on board as possible, and that's great! 

Now here's the problem, they soon realise that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, and often end up attracting a whole host of ‘difficult clients' who complain, waste their time, and are never happy. This brings a lot of frustration and get them to start questioning everything! Can you relate?

Wouldn’t it be better to attract like-minded clients who value what you do, and are a joy to work with?

Now, you're most probably thinking 'this is so hard! I don't have the luxury to choose my clients'. We hear you... 

What if we were to tell you that it's simpler than you think?

Want to find out how? How about you join us for our upcoming Meet Up. 

We're thrilled to have marketing expert Justin JG Cooper join us.

Justin is the author of ‘Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing. In this workshop, he will reveal the secret on how to attract your ideal client every single time, and so much more than that.

You will walk out of the workshop with: 

  • A clear understanding on how to market yourself in a new way
  • A guide on how to define your business Purpose 
  • A guide on how to define and attract your ideal client

What's the plan? 

  1. 6pm-6.30pm: who's in the room? You'll get the chance to introduce yourself to the community and learn more about other members and what they're up to.
  2. 6.30pm-7.30pm: Workshop: 'How to attract the best clients, and more of them...' with Justin Cooper.
  3. 7.30pm-8.30pm: It's time to network and meet with like-minded people 

More about our guest speaker

Visionary or Dreamer?

Justin JG Cooper has been described as both. With nearly 30 years experience as a brand strategist and marketer, working on global and SME brands in Australia and UK, Justin learned the craft of marketing from the P&G and Unilever-trained mentors.  
But in 2012 he had an epiphany. He came to realise that image-driven marketing was no longer working, because consumers were now looking for greater authenticity.  

By 2017 this groundswell has reached new levels. Not only are consumers looking for greater authenticity in the companies, products and services they buy from, employees are looking for the same thing. The common connection here is Purpose – without it, companies and brands are starting to fail. 

That’s why Justin has published a new book on the topic entitled Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing. It is designed to help individuals, businesses and brands to connect with their Purpose, so they can clarify what they are here to do and how they make a difference to their customers and business partners. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to identify the Purpose and Mission of a business, brand or employee, how to connect this to a real customer/business need, and how to communicate this as an ‘Authentic Brand Promise’ to a like-minded audience. It’s a business development, brand marketing, and business culture book wrapped up in an entertaining read.

Facebook: justinjgcooper