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IRONIC3D is a DATA-DRIVEN DIGITAL AGENCY providing project-based

Every idea starts with a problem. Mine was simple: Sustaining a business is difficult.

At the end of the first year of IRONIC3D, I found my self-asking the same questions when first starting the business: What do I do now? Am I focusing on the right thing right now? What should I be doing next?

I had the team, the skillsets, an excellent first-year run and our client's gratitude for the projects we've delivered. But it was still constant labour, a continuous boom and bust cycle, and always thinking about the business instead of enjoying the fruit of all that labour. A business owner once told me that in the absence of a clear alternative path we tend to stay on the same route instead. For me, that meant participating in more exhibitions, attending further tradeshows, sponsoring more events and increasing the social and marketing agency budget (to generate more likes and generic leads instead of quality prospects). Can a digital path be worse than the current one?

It turns there was a simple explanation of why a digital transformation path seems difficult. When businesses turn digital, they give control of all the process to the hands of agencies and applications. Which makes little difference to the business bottom line and most cases it backfires.

I took an alternative approach to the digital path.

By taking control of the whole digital operational processes. Choosing the right tools for business, and measuring every step, I was able to scale the company size down while growing the business steadily.

Today IRONIC3D is a boutique digital agency providing insights-driven solutions for startups and SMBs. By engaging collaboratively with our clients, we're able to give a higher return on investment, controlled solutions and a risk-free digital transformation.

We believe that a digital data transformation is a natural path to take, much like a traditional one. It should be easy to carry out by companies and transform the business for the better.

We also believe that every business has the right to successd in this digital age.

What we do: We provide digital transformational projects, from CRM systems, Self-Service or Traditional BI solutions, business systemisation and automation, integration and growth-driven websites.

Who it’s for: Start-ups and SMS who want to optimise their business digitally and become an insights-driven business.

How it works: We meet, and we talk about your current business operations, tools, team compositions, sales channels, marketing activities, and your immediate, short and long-term goals. We then provide you with a tailor-made solution that fits your business with an implementation plan, a single project that takes as little as three weeks, or as long as three months, to implement, instead of a retainer contract. At the end of the project, if we don't deliver what we promised, we'll return your service fee in full.

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